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5 details to avoid printing leaflets mishap

2014/1/21      view:

Details: making mistakes

This reflects a problem not carefully. Sometimes businesses and designers to communicate is enough, in the design also reached agreement. But to the printing plate making mistakes on the link, will lead to product design, with a larger access, so change plans also arranged a special plate making, printing quality inspection personnel to supervise the printing, security printing quality.

In general, merchants found the problem and is thought to be influenced by it, can contact printing service providers to do the corresponding modification, the other should also be responsible for their momentary gist.

Details of the two: decoloration problem

There are many reasons for this problem a. For example, improper ink dye and paper selected collocation, and without any special treatment, or poor quality of the ink itself, adhesion is not strong. And the occurrence of such problems is very difficult. May not play a propaganda effect, to give consumers the corresponding problems, pollution skin, clothing etc.. Merchants in the get the products, to this point is to check out. It is important to businesses also do not blindly covet cheap, but to try to choose the quality to have the guarantee print suppliers.

Details of the three: Text

While some designers in the design of a single page, will all focus on the overall mix of colors, as well as the picture layout, focus only on the "overall situation", often overlooked details. This is why many people get one page after the spelling Lianpian, even a lot of copy statement impassability reason. In general, such problems, are also more likely to appear in the less experienced designers, they will ignore proofreading this link, there is no specialized personnel assistant proofread. Therefore, a lot of people looking for design, more like an experienced designer or web site, a lot of people in the modified net design and printing leaflets, but also because their design personnel and staff more carefully seriously.

Details of the four: Hemorrhage

Printing leaflets at design time to set aside the bleeding, but also to prevent loss of effective content in the finished product after cutting, cutting program of preparation. Change the network card online production, marks the bleeding line position, to remind the independent design and pay attention to the customer to fill in the information is not beyond the scope of. About the bleeding, in fact every designer related after initially accepting learning, the teacher will be emphasized. But in practice, there are still people such a problem.

Details of the five: Information

The propaganda is the most important to consumer convey certain information, help businesses to establish a image in the minds of consumers. If the design, the information to ignore or wrong, should be the biggest problem. Therefore, in the important information, for example, the contact method, the accuracy of contact address on the need to be checked, corrected in a timely manner. In addition, to ensure that the information conveyed in the ambiguity of the small, otherwise it is very difficult. If consumers get a wrong information publicity, run in the wrong place, nature of business trust degree decreased. The details will not only reflect the merchants and designers of careless, the most important will be triggered a crisis of confidence.