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After surface treatment

2014/1/21      view:

1 Polish

Glazing is in package printing surface coating (Lu or spraying, printing) on a layer of colorless transparent coating, the leveling, drying, pressure light on the printing surface to form a thin and uniform layer of transparent light. It consists of a complete machine and calender.

2 pressure light

Calendering is glazing on print after a polishing process, some directly on the paper products for direct pressure. Printing pressure is due to the natural flow leveling polishing material, after drying the gloss is not too ideal, for some fine print required pressure light processing. The device is a calender, a lot of calender and polishing machine.

3 other special processing technology

Many printing prepress special processing technology, rapid development. There is a common surface coating (also called spray), surface grinding (also known as sand, which is in the printing surface evenly grinding Ma Sand Point), embossing embossing, pressure process (concave) or pressing. All of these new printing more polishing technology has been seen in daily use high-end packaging. Especially common exquisite handicrafts, cigarette packaging

The 4 surface wax

Surface wax on the packaging of products, mainly for the packaging can withstand a certain degree of moisture and moisture, used to meat and agricultural and sideline products packaging. This is done on the wax process flow in the curtain coater.

The 5 film

Film after packaging printing, will take the acrylic plastic film cover on the surface of printing, and the adhesive after heating and pressure to bond together to form paper, plastic, printing in one.

Coating can be divided into the sensitibvity membrane and pre coating film. The coating film is in control now coated adhesive, then hot pressing and refined. Pre coating film is the adhesive coated on plastic film, after drying and winding, the coating on the surface of printing products, only need to press the. They are nearly coating covering straw and pre coating covering straw on.