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The newspaper printed: face down for progress

2014/1/21      view:

The newspaper print runs continue to decline

Down, down, or fall. 7 newspaper printing enterprises provide data confirmed to reporters prediction Ma enlightenment. Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. last year due to structural adjustment quantity drops 12%, more stable this year, about 2%~3% run down, the Heilongjiang daily newspaper printing center, Hangzhou daily newspaper group Sheng Yuan printing Limited company run a decline of about 5%, Shenzhen Newspaper Industry Group Printing Co. Ltd, Guangdong Southern Newspaper Media Holdings Limited printing branch run down about 10%, Hubei daily media group Chutian printing company printing dropped compared to the same period 15.98%.

The newspaper print runs down first reflects the reduction in newspaper printing layout, some more than 100 in the past version of the newspaper is now in season at most only more than 80 edition, the weekend edition of down to 20 or even 16 version to previously unimaginable. In addition, the newspaper printing color printing factory changes to further reduce profit space. "A lot of newspaper by double color printing is changed into a single color + single black and white, the effect on the printing enterprise is greater than that of reducing the 印张, put the same manpower, printing revenue decreased by 1/3." Ma Kaiwu said.

In the newspaper print runs down at the same time, the newspaper every year talks with Indian enterprises, constant pressure wages. In response, some Indian enterprises choose is constantly adjust the structure, not only develop the newspaper printing, and excluding money business. For example, by expanding the newspaper business, Xinhua printing company newspaper accounts for more than 70%. As another example, has always attached importance to newspaper business south newspaper printing company printing business volume growth this year, as of November volume increased by 4%, production increased 5%. "Our generation printed newspaper the scale of annual print runs of 1000000000 pairs of opening, leading in the national newspaper printing enterprises. The customer has the "people's Daily" "Reference News", Hongkong has "Wen Wei Po", Macao's "force"." General manager Liu Jinrong said.

Control in lean production

The newspaper printed in the grim situation of the equipment investment to keep calm. In an interview with reporters, only Heilongjiang daily newspaper printing center of an enterprise is the purchase of new printing equipment plan. Most Indian enterprises talked about is the CTP plate making machine investment. For example, Xinhua printing company, the people's daily newspaper printing printing factory, the South Branch respectively this year bought two sets of CTP plate making machine. Shenzhen newspaper printing at present are also bidding to purchase two CTP plate making machine.

Newspaper printing always rely on is the economies of scale, with the decreasing this two volume, better be very careful in reckoning benefit by management, has become the consensus of newspaper printing enterprises. "Nanfang printing branch this year put forward a 'broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure management, work ideas be very careful in reckoning conservation benefit', focuses on the internal grasping the printing cost control, by changing the section of the paper examination methods, to develop energy control measures, to achieve the fine management objective." Liu Jinrong said.

Chutian printing this year focus mainly invest in technology innovation and meticulous management. "Chutian printing budget control and the whole process of cost control of production process. This year, the Chutian printing to revise and improve the company's internal management by objective assessment mechanism." General manager Jin Zeyun said. Through the establishment of the center, in charge of the leadership and the Department of the annual responsibility target assessment scheme, set up multi-level (personality index and common indicators combined), multi sector (the center, each department and each in charge of the leadership responsibilities, duties), multi-level (monthly and annual examination complement each other) as one of the assessment system, Chutian printing achievements made in the potential energy.

In addition, the Hangzhou daily Sheng Yuan printing Limited company Zhang Shaoheng general manager, deputy general manager of Shenzhen newspaper printing company Liu Xiaoming also said, can make the system control consumption, reduce waste, through the establishment of cost control designated procurement units.