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The important function of commodity packaging printing

2014/1/21      view:

The important function of commodity packaging, packaging products with different situation, variety, is convenient for consumers to use, store and carry. Packaging printing trademarks, graphics and text is convenient for consumers to identify, and introduces the nature, composition and use of products, convenient and guidance plays the role of the consumer. Packaging provides basic conditions and convenience for products circulation. The product according to a certain specification, shape, number, size and different containers for packaging, and printed with various information in the packaging, in favor of the product distribution, inventory counts, is conducive to the rational use of various means of transport and storage, improve the handling, transport, stacking efficiency and storage effect, accelerated product circulation, improve product circulation economic benefit.

1 space space convenient: convenient packaging to reduce circulation costs is crucial. Especially for a wide variety of goods, the high turnover of the supermarket, is attached great importance to utilization of the shelf, so more exquisite spatial convenience packaging. Standard packing, hanging packing, large portfolio of product disassembly and packing, these types of packaging can be more rational use of space of logistics. Pay more attention to the printing and packaging is a kind of packaging design, space design, the large product portfolio choice of packing material hanging and the design of the "hanging".

2 saving convenience: in accordance with the principle of human body engineering, combined with the practice of reasonable packaging design experience, can save the physical strength consumption, make the person produces a modern life enjoyment.

3 time convenience: the science of packaging can save valuable time for people's activities, such as fast food, easy open packaging etc.. Packaging material fast multiple choice disposable paper, packaging is also very simple, consumers can be packaged, and open is very simple.