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Details: making mistakes The printing enterprise shall seize the "quasi, ruthless, fast"

2014/1/21      view:


The so-called "quasi" is to analyze the market, accurate understanding of the market, understand the market, make corresponding strategy according to the demand of the market. At the same time, we must analyze the entire printing market environment for enterprise adverse circumstances. Such as: competing products propaganda offensive, competing goods market share, market channel not free outreach tension.

In addition, we have to understand customer needs, accurate hold client, the service in place.

Have a good printing products really have good market? Good quality will be good sales? In fact, this is not necessarily. In fact, the market demand is always changeable, customers buy products with the service attitude, the reputation of the company and a series of problems and change. As the printing industry for industry, a machine at least hundreds of thousands, or even millions, customers in product selection, tend to do more, then, if they call the printing enterprises to ask, then prove they have recognized a certain product, enterprise and this time, as the printing enterprises, we should analysis the customer, understand the customer immediately, instead of waiting for the other to understand our. Therefore, the accurate analysis of customer demand will become more and more important.


Here the "ruthless" refers to, in competition with other competitors, to "". "Hard" to seize every opportunity. Not long ago, "Shanghai Star printing rubber cloth Experts Consulting Conference" held in Beijing, Nova chairman Xu Maoqing to introduce, in 2012, Shanghai star blanket total production capacity reached 500000 square meters; ranked first in the country; the blanket total production capacity of 462000 square meters, ranking first in the country; the blanket of domestic sales of a total of 415000 square meters, ranking first in the country. It is understood, the Shanghai star products "footprint" into the North China in only small part of the case and the results. The meeting, Xu said, the "expert advice" why to choose to be held in Beijing, the main reason is to in the next few years, Nova blanket can flourish in most parts of North China "".


The so-called fast is fast action, namely, to seize the market faster, to keep up with the pace of development of the industry, service timely. In the current printing market, which mainly are traditional offset printing, digital printing and packaging printing, label printing occupy absolute advantage, including digital printing, packaging printing, label printing is developed in recent years, and from the traditional offset printing field divides a cup of a thick soup.

The size of the market determines the development of an enterprise is good, bad and prospects. In the science and technology developed abnormal times, occupy the market quickly become almost every enterprise must be considered. For example, in recent years A new force suddenly rises. 3D printing, 3D film. From the emergence of the concept of 3D, now 3D in the fields of madness, it can be seen in the rapid "preemption" market as much content "".

Perhaps some people will say: "enterprise development too fast, or occupy the market quickly, will bring the negative influence to the overall development of enterprises." In fact, this is a no confidence in the enterprise on their own in the process of developing a "in denial", the majority of enterprises are small and medium enterprises.

Printing market vary from minute to minute, plus those who chew also couldn't touch the print world leaders, want to develop it "impossible", so we might as well from those humble "trivial" to start, while others have not noticed, fast to seize the "not worth mentioning" market, some enterprises such as the Japanese., a nut, a screw has a manufacturing enterprise specialized.

The development of an enterprise, if not "ruthless", not "must", as a "shy" girl like, then the enterprise will not DOSOMETHINPREVIOUSLYUNRELEASED.