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The offset printing where is spring

2014/1/21      view:

Before the green printing, digital printing, offset printing has long occupied the position of the printing industry "overlord", offset printing machinery manufacturing industry is the world one of prosperity. For example, Heidelberg company, Man Roland Inc, KOMORI, KBA is the printing machinery manufacturing industry leading enterprises in the world having a great reputation, printing machinery and their very high in the global sales, of course this and their quality is divided.

At present, the green printing, digital printing has become the mainstream of the printing industry. Offset printing has been out of favor, not holding potential even has always been the "boss" status. In the world, whether domestic or foreign enterprises, enterprise, scrambling digital printing market, and even some enterprises do not consider the actual situation, rushed to the green, the digital way, causes the enterprise benefit is not reduced conditions. Although digital printing, green printing and so on advanced mainstream printing method has many advantages, but, if the enterprise does not identify the location, find their own market, would run counter to one's desire.

However, the current in the pursuit of environmental protection and high efficiency under the influence of mainstream consciousness, digital printing to offset the impact of hitherto unknown, digital printing is more and more well known and recognized, although digital printing some places not offset the perfect, but this way is the development of fast, make the traditional offset printing enterprises more and more uncomfortable ann.