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Brand building is not only the need their own efforts

2014/1/21      view:

Brand building is a systems engineering, needs not only the enterprise's own efforts, but also need the help of external forces, the brand not only need to understand their own, more need to let the public know, this is the brand value. The brand propaganda, is becoming more and more important.

Have their own trademarks, is the first step in brand building, but also each printing and packaging enterprises walk the road of brand building procedures to be performed.

Have their own brands, printing and packaging enterprises also need your service curing in the brand. For brand building, services more narrow and more accurate, more valuable, as already make known to every family of the Tetra Pak, Kang mepo, in fact, service area is very narrow. In this sense, the * * * * * * self-adhesive labels, carton, can, more valuable than * * printing.

Objectively speaking, for a long time, a lot of printing and packaging enterprises just indulge in their own world, often emphasize that their equipment leading, is the quality of their products, and these Is it right? Customers, buyers concerned, printing and packaging enterprises are not clear. Especially when enterprises will focus on equipment, in quality, ignore is often the customer's true feelings. Nova cup 2011/12 printing and packaging top ten selection activities, the people's attention to the brand at the same time, also let the printing and packaging enterprises began to reflect on the development of enterprises focus.