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Customer Notice :

1 in conjunction with their product features and benefits , careful selection of data customers pick out may be suitable for your customer base . Features and advantages of your product is your biggest highlight to attract new customers . And willing to work with you to reach new customers , nothing less than the several situations:

    First, your product is a newly developed , customers need to add this new product , the product itself is very attractive to customers ;

    Second, customers are not satisfied with the original supplier , and you happen to have similar products available ;

    Third, increased customer demand for products , the original supplier is unable to meet customer demand for capacity , customers themselves need to seek new suppliers ;

    Fourth, your product is just customers imported, and you the same or better quality , the price has a clear competitive advantage.

    So faced with hundreds or even thousands of importers, your choice is very important. Do not every family in touch, hope extensive cultivation , and in fact one can not go in depth . Customers also choose to be objective , do not in themselves do not have enough conditions and the strength of the case to go contact super importer . Business or so-called " perfect match" for . WALMART anyone want to do business , but the choice of suppliers WALMART still has a relatively high threshold . On the contrary, some small and medium importers may be easier to contact and close .

    (2) Contact the customer's mind a certain sense, to decide the new customer is willing to further contacts with you . Do not give new customers one kind of anxious feeling. Do not let the customer feel that your business must immediately have a new order can survive . Business is a marriage, only when both parties have the right feel real business . New customers must give such a feeling : We have stable sales channels , but our business is enterprising and pioneering , contact you to give you my simultaneously a new opportunity .

    3 Contact us , if you have a relatively good English conditions , we recommend first contact as much as possible by telephone and fax combination . By telephone, try to find this company and your products are relatively specific port sector procurement managers or specific individuals . Know his name and his fax is the first step , if you have a fax sent to specific recipients, and is responsible for such products a brief description of your product and your product site , and buyers for your product also interested, then he will reply you . The ties in the future , you can work with specific personnel between the E-MAIL . Do not use bulk mail or fax blasts of ways to contact the customer , sending the result may never return. At present, foreign and even junk fax spam has been quite offensive , which most importers particular purchasing managers reluctant to open e-mail address of the important reasons .

    4 Establish English website dedicated to showcasing the products and develop new customers for the contact is very important, both to new customers detailed product introduction , and also avoid premature product pipeline to bring costly . Web site more professional product content , the more detailed and more specific the better . Even the best done on the product packaging , packing size and gross weight , net weight of introduction, so customers at a glance.

    5 For the moment there is no place an order for new customers , do not rush to press , not to give up easily. You can pass over a certain period of some new products to our customers pictures. As long as you do better than others , the customer finally belongs to you . ( Chinese Hardware Mall editors )